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Team Development

Sustainability Strategy & Team Development

For projects in the area of sustainability/impact strategy and team development, I offer the following:


1. Impact Business Modeling Bootcamp in collaboration with Marcel Rößner, expert for Organizational Development. We are currently looking for another company to pilot this 2-day bootcamp with at a reduced rate (in May/June 2022). Please schedule a call for more info.


2. Sustainability Team Development (s. below).


My work as a trainer and consultant takes into account integrative, inclusive and collaborative approaches, looking beyond the horizon and considering different (stakeholder) perspectives and exploring synergies through partnerships and networks.

(Sustainability) Team Development

Introductory Workshop “Sustainability Team Development”.

This workshop is for all newly formed sustainability (or B Corp-) teams to find answers to fundamental questions:

“What is our Purpose as a team, how do we want to work together, and how do we define success?”.

After creating clarity about purpose, roles and success, we build the bridge to daily operations in a subsequent sprint to identify measures and action points that lay the foundation for successful team collaboration.

Type: Remote Workshop in collaboration with Eva-Maria Zoll and Karim Mustaghni from

For up to 6 participants
Duration: 2,5 hours
Price: € 1.300, excl. VAT

If you have a specific project request or would like to understand how workshops can look like in concrete terms, please feel free to contact me: