Reports to inform, engage and inspire

The pressure for transparent impact communication is increasing. A myriad of different standards and new regulations require impact and sustainability reporting to become the norm. For companies, this is a big opportunity. In addition to fostering corporate responsibility and positive impact on the environment and communities, it is a central measure to maintain consumer trust and credibility, long-term relevance and acceptance.

In addition to the preparation of sustainability reports, my specialty is the translation of standard-oriented reports into stakeholder-oriented sustainability communication. Be it for clients, investors or employees, my communication expertise and background in stakeholder research enable me to create highly targeted reports and communications strategies.


I offer services in the following areas:

Data Collection & Status Quo Investigation

Impact and Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability Tools, Frameworks & Standards

Stakeholder Research and Communication

The collection of relevant data is always the first step. If data is not available or only partially available, I work with various tools, including the B Impact Assessment and the SDG Action Manager by UN Global Compact.


Do you have questions regarding your impact and sustainability report or would you like feedback on your ideas? Feel free to schedule a free 30-min consultation.