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Social and sustainable impact reporting that inspires

Whether you’re looking to develop a sustainability strategy, create an engaging impact report for your stakeholders, or simply seeking inspiration from the latest sustainable innovations and developments, I provide you and your team with all the resources you need to take the lead on special projects.

I act as a sparring and facilitation partner for business owners and their sustainability and communication teams.

I offer:

Impact & Sustainability

Impact Communication
Storytelling & Strategy

B Corp-Certification,
B Impact Assessment & SDG Action Manager

For people and planet-centric businesses (and those who aspire to be)

The climate debate is forcing a different kind of communication and reporting onto businesses. As policies and consumers change, so must companies’ business strategies to meet the new requirements and get ahead of the curve.

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About me


For many years I’ve been exploring the question how a sustainable lifestyle and the new economy looks like in action. The good thing is, there are many people and companies that have successfully paved the way already.

My role is to create visibility for the various systems, frameworks and best practices and offer orientation and guidance so that your company also finds its way towards a sustainable, regenerative future.

My approach to consulting is based on the conviction that strategies are only effective when human-centered.

Rewriting the DNA of business

Adapting your organization toward ever increasing social and sustainability standards can feel like a never ending marathon. But it doesn’t need to be if sustainability becomes a mindset instead of a strategy. I help you get there through workshops, tools, and a tailored practice of change for your organization. As a trained B Leader, I help you fulfill the requirements to become a Certified B Corporation. As an SDG Action Manager, I guide you through the UN’s idea behind the Sustainable Development Goals and the alignment of the SDGs with your business strategy. You’ll not just deepen your brand’s positioning but also do more good.

Transforming organizations is a people business. Having worked extensively in consumer and market research, I provide radical stakeholder centricity to inform and inspire business and product strategy, marketing, and communication, as well as your organizational structure. With my focus on corporate social responsibility, I help companies find their sustainable USP and goals. Need a sparring partner?

News & Insights

Purpose Business Case

The Business Case for Purpose – A Research Overview (2021)

Purpose. It’s on everybody’s lips. Most companies have come to the understanding that Purpose is a critical factor for business, especially since researchers have found its effects on business success and growth. While I believe that Purpose is hardly measurable and a purpose statement often only scratches the surface, I do advocate for a “Business…

Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-08 um 13.27.37

Corporate Activism – Insights from Patagonia, soulbottles and Moyee Coffee

Is “Corporate Activism” a good or a bad term? How are purpose-driven businesses engaged in activism today and what are the opportunities of tomorrow?  In a virtual panel discussion held in September 2020, Afra Gloria Müller from the Olympia12062020 team, Clara Bütow from soulbottles, Hervé Dupied from Patagonia and myself representing Moyee Coffee that time…

Made in Crisis

Brands that Reactivate their Purpose during Crisis

The first thing brands ought to do during a crisis is to reactivate their purpose. But for brands that exist to drive positive social or environment change, purpose can come at high cost. Where to start cutting short when at the same time promises to communities, customers, employees and the environment are made? While there…

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