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Workshops & Trainings: Sustainability – Communication – B Corp

Together with partners from my network I offer workshops and trainings in the field of sustainability (strategy), communication and B Corp.

Whatever sustainability challenge your company is facing, I ensure that your project gets the right spin and solid basis it needs for a successful implementation.

I offer:

Sustainability Strategy and
Team Development

Sustainability Communication

B Corp Certification &
B Impact Assessment

Trainings vs. Workshops

In my trainings, I take into account relevant standards and frameworks, including the GRI standards, the principles of the UN Global Compact or the B Impact Assessment as well as the current legislation such as the EU Taxonomy and the “Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive”.

Workshops in the area of strategy and team development are “standard agnostic” and are based on proven methods of professional (remote) facilitation and the specific needs of the company.

I’ve previously worked with:

About me


As a trainer, certified B Corp consultant and facilitator with a focus on sustainability and communication, my core competency is bridging the gap between these two domains.

In everything I do, collaboration is a core value of my work. I love to explore potentials and synergies through different modalities and thoughtfully designed collaboration. For this reason, most of my consulting formats are peer and workshop based. I design these together with partners with relevant expertise and know-how, so that the challenges can be served in a targeted and professional manner.

Rewriting the DNA of business

New laws and regulations, increased consumer pressure and the digital transformation place high demands on the development of effective sustainability strategies in companies.

In particular, an ongoing adaptation of the corporate strategy to external circumstances is required, ensuring that laws are complied with and social relevance as well as competitiveness are maintained.

News & Insights

Purpose Business Case

The Business Case for Purpose – A Research Overview (2021)

Purpose. It’s on everybody’s lips. Most companies have come to the understanding that Purpose is a critical factor for business, especially since researchers have found its effects on business success and growth. While I believe that Purpose is hardly measurable and a purpose statement often only scratches the surface, I do advocate for a “Business…

Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-08 um 13.27.37

Corporate Activism – Insights from Patagonia, soulbottles and Moyee Coffee

Is “Corporate Activism” a good or a bad term? How are purpose-driven businesses engaged in activism today and what are the opportunities of tomorrow?  In a virtual panel discussion held in September 2020, Afra Gloria Müller from the Olympia12062020 team, Clara Bütow from soulbottles, Hervé Dupied from Patagonia and myself representing Moyee Coffee that time…

Made in Crisis

Brands that Reactivate their Purpose during Crisis

The first thing brands ought to do during a crisis is to reactivate their purpose. But for brands that exist to drive positive social or environment change, purpose can come at high cost. Where to start cutting short when at the same time promises to communities, customers, employees and the environment are made? While there…

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